West Chester, PA Villa Maria Convent Class of 1902

Villa Maria Convent Exercises

Special to The Inquirer

WEST CHESTER, Pa., June 19.—The forty-second commencement was held at the Convent of the Immaculate Heart, Villa Maria, today. The principal feature of the commencement was an oratorio, “The Resurrection of Lazarus,” the prologue being spoken by Miss Rose Gallagher, and the narrators were Miss Mary Hemphill, Miss Mary Brynn and Miss Louise Gibney. Miss Bertha Scott was awarded the first premium in piano and artistic needlework, and additional premiums were awarded—
Gertrude Ryan
Mary C. Nolan
Rose Gallagher
Lulu Nolan
Katherine Fennell
Mary Moran
Florence Ott
Nivos Rose Nolan
Nellie Buckley
Maria Lutz
Mary Gallagher
Grace Rourke
Louise Gibney
Pearl McColly
Katherine Quinn
Maria Ryan
Edith Kerr
Josie Metherald
Eleanor O'Rourke
Margaret O'Kane
Lillian Donovan
Mary Byrne
Lillian Farrell
May Barry

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 20 Jun 1902