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Willow Lake, SD High School Class of 1954 Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on July 10, 2010 - 3:52pm


Willow Lake, SD High School Class of 1954


In the photograph: Richard Eggleston, Bob Niebruegge, Keith Warkenthien, Myron Tiggelaar, Leon Hatfield, Billy Close, Rolland Thoreson, Ronald Niebruegge, Elwood Warkenthien, Verle Peterson, Boyd Fleeger, Mrs. Lash, Mrs. Jensen, Adele Heitland, Luella Kadinger, Lois Johnson, Shirley Kannegieter, Harriot Opshal, Janice Edleman, Barbara Pommer, Loris Warkenthien, Audrey Anderson, Lois Kannegieter, Mary Guse, Arlene Meester, Shirley Warkenthien, Leona Wagner.