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Abilene - Austin, Texas

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Acrea TX

  • Acrea, TX School Photo from the Erath County TXGenWeb site. Includes Calestine Rogers, Mrs. Blankenship, many unknowns.

Allamoore TX

Albany TX

Allen TX

Alpine TX

Altair TX

  • Garwood High School 1948 Football Team Photo online includes Billy Huvar, Johnny Struska, Leroy Frnka, James Drlik, Lonnie Shoop, Lester Snow, Jimmie Houser, Coach Garner, J. D. Kallina, Jean Houser, Frank Popp, Kenneth Brune, Norbert Pavlu, Dale Hunt, Buddy Ray Trammell
  • Garwood High School 1949 Basketball Team Photo online includes Norbert Pavlu, J. D. Kallina, Kenneth Brune, Dale Hunt, Billy Huvar, Buddy Ray Trammell, Jean Houser, Frank Popp, Leroy Frnka, James Drlik, Johnny Warren, Lester Snow
  • Garwood High School 1952 Football Team Photo online includes Eugene Rek, Jimmy Bunge, Rexie Shoop, James Meismer, Fred Popp, Donald Krenek, Lawrence Pavlu, Jerome Labay, Bobby Trammel, Ray Drlik, Leroy Frnka, Johnny Struska, Pete Harrison, Lonnie Shoop, Duncan Stewart, Weldon Drapela, Louis Labay, _____ Wesselski, Arlin Miller and Laddie Krenek

Alvarado TX

Alvord TX

Amarillo TX

Aquilla TX

Atascosa TX