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Graford - Guthrie, Texas

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Groveton, TX High School Class of 1931Groveton TX

  • Groveton, TX High School Class of 1931 Photo online from familyoldphotos.com. Includes Miss Mattie McClung, Frieda Reese, Jessie Ramey, Carol Kenley, Marguerite James, Ruth Hickman, Helen Davis, Guy Powell, Doris Brannen, Floriette Burke, Helen Norsworthy, Ruth Standley, Vernie Trawick, Thelma Arnold, Baylous Rasbeary, I. W. R. Rogers, Lillie Midgley, Winifred Boyett, Hazel Keels, Eugene Ford, I. Cletus Powell, Morris Atmar, Morris Jones, Elmer Craven, David McComb, Reagan Follis.

Guthrie TX