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Longview - Luling, Texas

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  • Lufkin, TX High School Girls Chorus 1962-63 Photo online at familyoldphotos.com includes Mosely, Lee, Gillikin, Rook, Canon, Barile, Font, Parker, Howard, Johnson, Broderick, Havard, Allen, Kilgore, Harrell, Scott, Gordon, Riley, Bryce, Rains, Stansel, Swanson, Humphries, Jones, Carson, Barrow, Jackson, Mitchell, Harris, Munsel, Stout, Lowry, Garcia, Owens, Braswell, Ray, Byrd, Gandy, Jensen, Jackson, Higdon, Marino, Donnell, Robinson, Dobson, Crain, Mitchell, Loven, Murphy
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Luling TX