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Tyler, TX High School 1939 Football Team Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on December 20, 2009 - 1:53pm


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In the photograph: Walton Roberts, Henry Lee Conaway, Billy Jack Brooks, Charles Hammett, Derwood Mumford, Billy Flanagan, Harry Cook, Charles Finlayson, Milton Pearson, Wayne Burnett, Bobby Hendricks, Dick Allen, Jim Rozell, Lester Owen, Jerry Stirman, Gilbert Johnson, Homer Adams, Kenneth Nelson, Charles Tunnell, Dale Byrd, Jack Johnston, Donald Alfred, Bill Reynolds, Billy Bryant, Bruce Gables, John Lipstate, Eddie Richardson, James Dennis, Raymond Towns, Carl McGinney, J. D. Kay, Bob Breedlove, Happy Ellis, Arleigh Stanley, James Newman, O. L. Fielder, Clifford Long, Lowell Ellis, Banard Frazier, Ray Jackson, Cecil Moore, Weldon Hokem, Billy Stallings, George McCullough, Bryant Davis, Max Culbertson.