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Knox County, TX School Teachers 1938-39

W. C. Cunningham is superintendent of the Benjamin school of 245 students. Other members of the faculty are Wendell Watson, Francis Basye, Francis Diersing, Voyal Vaughan, Mrs. R. C. Ferguson, Bliss Miller and Oleta Thompson and Mrs. W. C. Cunningham.

Edward Adams is principal of the Cottonwood, located east of Vera. Eighty students attend the three-teacher school. High school pupils go to Vera and Benjamin. Other members of the faculty are Mrs. Edward Adams and Mrs. R. L. McMahon.


Eva Jones and Mrs. Lucille Marlow are teachers in the Hefner school, seven miles northeast of Goree, which has an attendance of 101. High school students attend Goree.

There are 138 scholastics at Gilliland, in the northeast part of the county, where nine grades are taught. Sam H. Thompson is superintendent of the following faculty: Forest B. Carter, Mary Strothers, Mrs. Sybil C. Thompson, Elizabeth Parris. Classes have been held in temporary buildings since the school was destroyed by fire two months ago.

One of the county's largest rural schools is located at Rhineland. There are 159 pupils in the four-teacher school. John J. Hoffman is principal and Jean Walsh, Mary Ruddy and Genevieve Adams are faculty members. Eleven grades are taught in the Rhineland school.


There are 343 scholastics in the Sunset school of which T. W. Harber is superintendent. The school has 21 affiliated units; boosts[sic] four school buses and there are 84 square miles in the district. A new gymnasium-auditorium was added two years ago. Faculty members are W. C. Kimbrough, Shirley Gray, home economics, Mrs. Ottis Cash, J. T. Sykes Jr., N. T. Underwood, Mrs. N. T. Underwood, Mrs. Claude Reed, Mrs. I. W. Walling, I. W. Walling, and Exa Faye Hutton.

High school students from Union Grove, west of Knox City and only a grammar school is conducted. Mrs. E. F. Branston and Mrs. Eric Lea are teachers.

Mrs. C. D. Tanner is the only teacher at Brock, northwest of Knox City and across the Brazos river.

Forty-two students attend Dixon, northeast of Gilliland. Nine grades are taught. Ernest Wright and Mrs. Neal A. Brown are the teachers.

Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 2 May 1939