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Georgetown, TX School Seventh Graders 1930 Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on February 5, 2010 - 11:45pm


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The future Georgetown High School Class of 1934. Class roster:

Ainsworth, Ford
Beaver, Hazel
Birklebach, Alma
Bishop, Benton
Cardwell, Billy
Case, Will Dean
Chastain, Virginia
Cloud, Lester
Davis, Helen
Eanes, Elizabeth
Edwards, Iva Lee
Evans, Helen
Fahrenthold, Francis
Forsvall, Bernice
Gustafson, Harold
Gustafson, Mildred
Hardcastle, Howard
Hill, Dan
Holybee, Walter
Jenkins, J. B.
Johnson, Lambert
Kelly, Charlie
King, Oscar
Lehmberg, Alexandria
Logan, J. D.
Logan, R. E.
Marshall, Oscar
May, Doris Evelyn
Meyer, Gregory
Munson, Leland
Nichols, Lucille
Palm, Allene
Percy, Harry
Perry, J. L.
Peterson, Annabell
Peterson, Ruben
Purcell, Pauline
Purl, Thomas
Risinger, Oliver
Robbins, Alta Belle
Rogers, Ralph
Sellers, Frank
Shell, Thomas
Standlee, Frances Ray
Towns, Wilbur
Vinther, Edwin
Waite, Margaret
Whitted, Dorothy