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Baird, TX High School Class of 1934

Candidates for diplomas are:

Judson Atchison
Bruce Bell
Eldred Bell
Norris Black
John Virgil Boatwright
Bill Cargal
William Cummings
J. T. Dungan
Jack Flores
Forrest Dale Franke
Harold Hensley
Robert Green
Fayne Hollingshead
Reo Jolly
Presley Reynolds
Paul Robinson
Neal Stanley
Billie Hall Walls
Thomas Warren
Bill Atwood
Bonnie Black
Juanita Duncan
Lena Free
Frances Haley
Lula Mae Hart
Majorie Hart
Olga Johnson
Shelba Jones
Flossie Maner
Ritchey Mitchell
Anna Smith
Doris Thompson
Dorothy Ware
Melba Wheeler

Class roster extracted from "Baird High to Close Friday," in the Abilene Morning News, Abilene, TX 29 May 1934