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Sherman, TX Austin College Class of 1913 Graduation

Austin College YMCA 1913


Exercises to Be Held at Sherman from May 25 to 28.

Special to The News.

Sherman, Tex., May 23.—At the Austin College commencement exercises, to be held here May 25 to 28, these graduates will receive diplomas:

Lewis Dixon Amis, B.A.; Albert Lee Burke, B.A.; Wallace Perrin Clyce, B.A.; Hugh Fitzpatrick, B.A.; William Hague Foster, B.A.; Alexander Gray, B.A.; Eugene Stuart Gregg, B.A.; William Reeves Gregg, B.A.; Bertram Maupin Leecraft, B.A.; George Alexander McCall, B.A.; Jess Richard McElroy, B.A.; Sam Brooks McLane, B.A.; Edwin Fleming Montgomery, B.A.; Robert Buckner Morris Jr., B.A.; Joseph Archie Owen, B.A.; Charlie Campbell Parks, B.A.; Myron Augustus Smith, B.A.; Ernest Wharton Thompson, M.A.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 24 May 1913