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Sherman, TX High School Class of 1904

Sherman High School 1900s

Paul Creager - class president
Lucy Works
Mary Bell Jones - class secretary
George Edgerton
Willie Bess
Joe Everheart - valedictorian
Stanley Stewart - salutatorian
Thad Everheart
Hallie Buchanan
Jack Eubank
Tom Fulton
Jesse Gough
Lillie Hilger
Elizabeth Hyde
Roy Hall
Dea Fuller
Nell Irvine
Myrtle Hall
Anna Jones
Aline Kelly
Minnie Little
Ruby Mackey
Marie Moton
Elma Strickland
Myrtle Vaden
Sidney Wilson

Class roster extracted from "Sherman High School : Program of the Closing Exercises : The Class Roll," in the Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 29 May 1904