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Sherman, TX North Texas Female College Class of 1893

North Texas Female College 1905

Clara Barlow
Lottie Brooks
Tullie Carter
Mary Donaho
Etta Griffin
Laura Bennett
Effie Bruce
Willie Cooper
Mattie Donaho
Sadie Hanks
Marcia Hooper
Bonnie Jamison
Kittie Kennedy
Ann Manion
Laura Milam
Peal Jackson
Fannie Kendall
Nora Key
Alma Mathews
Maude McCurry
Bettie McFarland
Annie Pritchett
Carrie Rowland
Sallie Wever
Pearl Price
Angella Rollins
Frances Seale

Class roster extracted from "Sherman Siftings : Commencement Exercises," in the Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 6 Jun 1893