St. Albans, VT Teacher Candidates, Aug 1906


Twenty-one Candidates Present Themselves To-day.---Their Names.

Teachers' examinations are being held to-day in the high school room of the academy building by Merritt D. Chittenden, of Fairfax, examiner of teachers for Franklin county. The examinations will be completed some time Wednesday.

Twenty-one candidates have presented themselves for teachers' certificates, one of them for the first grade. Their names follow: Bessie A. Bickford, of East Highgate, Grace H. Chapple, of Highgate, Edith A. Cleveland, of St. Albans, Ardel V. Fanton, of Fairfield, Ina M. Houghton, of Swanton, M. Dorothy Hurley, of St. Albans, Florence Kennedy, of St. Albans, Grace O. Marvin, of St. Albans, Hazel McCowen, of Highgate, Lizzie Mulligan, of Swanton, Katherine Nowland, of Fairfield, Helen Patterson, of Highgate, Marion E. Reade, of St. Albans, Laura A. Rooney, of St. Albans, Sylvia Stinehour, of Highgate, Elva Towle, of South Franklin, Sophia Towle, of South Franklin, Bessie M. Wales, of St. Albans, Mary M. Wallace, of Fairfield, Margaret A. Wallace, of Fairfield, and Ellen Summerskill, of St. Albans.

There are also two candidates for entrance to a state normal school,---Agnes Bell, of Swanton, and Katie Cline, of Georgia. Both intend to enter Johnson next fall.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St Albans, VT 6 Aug 1906