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Newport, VT High School Class of 1900 Graduation


Class Motto is “Non Quantum Sed Quale”—Five Graduates.

(Special to The Messenger.)

Newport, June 16.—The high school commencement exercises were held last evening in Lane’s opera house. Blair’s orchestra furnished music for the occasion. The house was well filled and all were pleased with the programme. There were five graduates this years, as follows:

Classical course, Frederick W. C. Callanach, Latin scientific course, Florence Eliza Williams, English course, Ella May Litchfield, Blanche Marion Rogers and Mary Etta Smith.

Rev. Mr. Hamilton opened with prayer led by an introduction by Principal John E. Colburn.

The programme was as follows:
Essay--The Value of Ideals, Mary Etta Smith
Essay--Horizons, Etta Mary Litchfield
Essay--Best Men Are Moulded Out of Faults, Florence E. Williams
Oration--Athletics in College Life, Frederick W. C. Callanach
Essay--Last Battles, Blanche Marion Rogers
Presentation of diplomas

The motto of the class was "Not how much but how good"--Non Quantum sed Quale.

The address of Mr. Colburn to the class was good and showed the interest he and the teachers had in the class.
The exercises closed with an address by J. W. Redmond, who highly commanded the teachers for their work.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 16 Jun 1900