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Newport, VT High School Class of 1902 Graduation


Details of Commencement Exercises of the High School.

The graduating exercises of the class of 1902 were held in Lane’s opera house, June 19. The exercises were in the charge of Professor Colburn. The class motto was “Labor Omnia Vincet.” The following programme was given:

Classical course, Lucy Rowell Bean
Essay, "The influence of Music" Henrietta Catherine Cattanach
Essay, "The Place of the Novel in the Future" Helen Isabel Farrell
Essay, "The Coliseum" George Samuel Scott
Oration, "Some Dangers of Modern Legislation" Ephraim John Smith
Oration, "True and False Liberty" Lena Grace Spaulding
Essay, "As Others See Us" Latin scientific course, Carl Franklin Spaulding
English course, Ethel Daisy Anderson
Essay, "Two Days of Teaching," Bessie Annabel Davis
Essay, "An Old Time Sociologist" Kitty Sleeper Drown
Essay, "The Value of Education" Norman Custer Tice
Oration, "What Makes a Good Story"

Music was furnished by Blair's orchestra. The members of the class all performed their parts in a {ineligible} {ineligible}. The opening and closing exercises were held in Odd Fellows hall Friday, June 20. Several persons from out of town were seen in the hall.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 21 Jun 1902