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Richford, VT High School Class of 1999

The Richford High School Graduating Class of 1999 is comprised of the following students:

Abbie Audette
Crystal Boomhower
Tyler Chagnon
Casey Coons
Rebecca Cummings
Matthew Derby
Timothy Desmarals
Jesse Eldred
Sarah Fuller
Jenny Gaudette
Megan Goodrich
Amber Hardy
Erin Hazen
Marshall Hulbert
Joshua Johnson
Joanna Longley
Tara Marcy
Lane Mayhew
Sarah Minetti
Emily Parons
Scott Patterson
Jerry Pease
Edward Raymond
Danielle Record
Kristin Record
Cristy Robarge
James Seiferth
Russell Smith
Matthew West
Jessica Wetherby

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 16 Jun 1999