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St. Albans, VT Grammar School Class of 1918

The following is the list of those receiving diploma and limited certificates:

Sabin Abell
Eva Bolton
Daymon Brown
Edward Brown
Dorothy Brunell
Ksthleen Carman
Isabell Cechran
Florence Cooke
Mary Cota
Ethel Darby
Arthur Dansereau
Joseph Denison
Donald Dunsmore
Elizabeth Foss
Jerry Flinn
Ruth Garey
William Greene
Vera Guerin
Donald Hay
Frederick Heald
Violet Herrick
Philip Hogan
Summer Holsey
Gladys Incledon
Edna Willette
Willard Jarvis
Hortense Ladue
Herbert Lawton
Mildred Leach
Hildred Leach
Donald Malboeuf
Clarence Marsh
Pauline Mercereau
Dennis McConnell
Archibald McKillop
William Northway
Leon O'Ligny
Arthur Pyer
Frances Rodden
Fannie Shapiro
Manley Shaw
Luther Stearns
Eula Sweet
Ethel Tietbohl
Armand Vallee
Marion Vincelette
Dorothea Vorce
Sadie Warner
Harriet White
Edward Willis

Class roster extracted from "50 Graduate From Grammar School," in the St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 4 Jul 1918