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St. Albans, VT High School Class of 1908 graduation


Class of 26 Members Receive Diplomas—Prizes Awarded.

The thirteenth annual commencement of the St. Albans high school was held at city hall Thursday evening when a class of twenty-six members was graduated, receiving their diplomas in the presence of a large audience of interested friends. Only a few of the members of the class took part in the grogram{sic}, which was made up of essays and orations, and selections by LeClair’s orchestra. The junior class acted as an escort to the seniors as they entered the hall and formed an aisle at the front of the hall, the graduates passing through and taking their seats on the stage. Others occupying seats on the platform were the members of the school board and faculty, the Rev. Dr. R. J. Cahill, pastor of St. Mary’s church, and the Rev. George F. Fortier of the Universalist church. The state was most tastefully arranged, the background being of greenery across which were the figures 1908 in yellow, the class colors being green and gold. Across the front of the stage were large jardiniers of peonies, daisies and other flowers.

Following the program the presentation of the diplomas was made by Guy F. Barker, secretary of the school board, who made a few practical remarks to the audience and graduates. Principal J. A. Ayers then made the announcement of the English prizes which are given by ex-Gov. Edward C. Smith, who also gives the speaking contest prizes awarded Tuesday evening, and of the French prize given by Mrs. William Stanford Stevens. The winners were as follows:

Senior, first, $15, Miss Ruby Clark;
second, $10, Miss Adriel Kingsley

Junior, first, $12, John Arnold
second, $8, Miss Ethel Bailey

Sophomore, first, $11, Miss Leonora Branch
second, $7, Miss Mildred Blake

Freshman, first, $8, Miss Madeleine Sowles
second, $4, Miss Lillian Lovely

French, William Henry McCarthy

The judges for the senior essays were
the Rev. Mr. Fortier
Mrs. W. R. Eastman
Miss Alice B. Chandler
juniors: the Rev. W. Parkyn Jackson
sophomore and freshman: H. Charles Royce.

The French prize was awarded on the standing during the year.

The full program as presented was as follows:

Music, overture, orchestra
Music, march, "The Last Call," (Hall), orchestra
Invocation, the Rev. R. J. Cahill
Salutatory and oration, "The New Far East," Theodore R. Waugh
Essay, "The Indian in Vermont," Miss Marion Wheeler
Essay, "Evangeline and Pricilla", Miss Winifred Campbell
Music, "The Goddess of Night,"(Allen), orchestra
Oration, "The Future of Vermont," Rodney Babcock
Essay, "Public Opinion," Miss Mina Chynoweth
Oration, "A Sketch of Pope," Eugene Dewart
Music, "Flight of the Birds" (Faith), orchestra
Oration, "Prehistoric Man In America," Donald Hyde
Essay, "The Character of Shylock," Miss Ruby Clarke
Essay, "The Negro Question," and valedictory, Miss Irene Corliss
Music, "The Shower of Smiles," orchestra
Address to class and presentation of diplomas, Guy F. Barker
Announcement of prizes, Supt. J. A. Ayers
Benediction, the Rev. George F. Fortier
Music, march, "Kiawk" orchestra

The members of the class are:
Rodney Whittemore Babcock
Kenney Louis Beals
Margaret Elizabeth Bingham
John Edward Buck
Harrington Homer Brooks
Lucius Joseph Brooks
Winifred Elephe Campbell
Mina Esther Chynoweth
Ruby Clarke
Irene Matilda Corliss
Eugene Willard Dewart
Marion Louise Donovan
Edna Theodosia Elrod
Bennett Carleton Hall
Laura Pierce Holmes
Donald Robertson Hyde
Adriel Kingsley
Marjory Elsie Lovely
William Henry McCarthy
June Ella Mitchell
Mary Elizabeth Powers
Florence Thorne Parker
Ida Myrtle Spaulding
Theodore Rogers Waugh
Ruth Marian Wheeler
Harry Wellington Witters

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 25 Jun 1908