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St. Albans, VT High School Class of 1926

Harlie Eugene Bellows
Hilda Irene Chandler
Dora Harris
Mary Henrietta Harris
Grace Elizabeth Hoffman
Leo Edward Kennedy
Margaret Lola Lepper
Evelyn Mary McEnany
Evelyn Andrews McGrath
Doris Audrey Nicholas
Lucille Marguerite Richard
Elizabeth Faye Russell
Clemence C. Souller
Lulu Belle Sweeney
Gladys Elizabeth Willett


John Everett Bresse
J. Alfreida Chase
Charles Eugene Cummings
Vera Brainerd Merrill
Leona Millicent Unwin
Rene Homer Vallee
Ralph Whitcomb Wright
Roland W. Waige
Eleanor Martha Peterson


Eleanor Janes Lewis
Francis James H. McGreggs
Gladys Julia Press
Marjorie Joy Ralaton
Alice Geraldine Rushford

Class roster extracted from "St. Albans High's 50th Commencement : Diplomas Awarded to 29," in the Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 20 Jun 1926