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Richmond, VA John Marshall High School Class of Jan 1914

Graduates, January 1914.

Verna Albert, Latin course
Doris Elizabeth Ambers, Latin course
Annie Lee Beck, elective course
Samuel E. Binswanger, Latin course
Lynwood H. Browning, commercial course
A. Woolner Calisch, commercial course
Martha Hannah Chappell, Latin course
Alma Moore Childress, Latin course
Susie Miles Cooke, elective course
Lottie M. Crass, modern language course
Antrim S. Dinwiddie, commercial course
T. Walter Duke, Latin course
Sallie Harris Elliott, elective course
Moses Gellman, Latin course
James Ludwell Hill, Jr., elective course
Lewis Sinclair Hoover, Latin course
Henry Kendall King, manual arts course
Virginia L. Lorraine, Latin course
Ben B. Matthews, Latin course
Ethel Charlotte Ostergren, elective course
Miriam Hansford Perrin, Latin course
Italena Dare Peters, commercial course
Mary R. Porter, Latin course
Florence Trevvett Pumphrey, elective course
Annie Margaret Schaadt, Latin course
Sadie B. Slaughter, Latin course
Dillwyn Pleasants Tyler, Latin course
Frank Wirt Waller, Latin course
F. Marion Wallerstein, modern language course
Irving H. White, commercial course

Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA 13 Jun 1914