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Lillian Brisk, Marguerite Cohen, Lindsay Varnam, Ila Wing

Miss Eva Towne, Mrs. C. R. Green, Mr. West, Marguerite L. Simpson, James P. Goddard, Theresa M. Jackson,

Albert E. Christie, George R. Jones, Dorothy E. Harlow, Bernardette M. Raymond, Roland W. Payne,

Lorette G. Cloutier, Burton J. Hendrick, Samuel V. Cole, Percy G. Beatty, Dorothy E. Harlow, Irene A. Roderick,

Lawrence A. Roy, Bessie R. Levine, Robin Robinson, Kathryn Annis

Vera L. Collins, Ethel M. Alley, Elizabeth Larrabee, Percy G. Beatty, Robin Robinson, Winston Noble,

Gladys Walker, Madeline Beach, Lena Proctor

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