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Ralph Larrabee, Lindzay Varnam, Donald Armstrong, Kathryn Annis, Gladys Walker,

Lorette Cloutier, Kathryn Annis, Rachael Williams, Lindzay Varnum, Charland Letourneau, Kirby Wood,

Wendall Austin, Gladys Walker, Madeline Beach, Lena Proctor, Louis Tacabin

Mrs. Burnett, Adelbert Carter, Gertrude Williams, James Goddard, Maurice O'Donnell, Roger Haskell,

Frank Terry, Louis Marquis, Jack Talberth, Supt. Patten, Judge Mathews, Harold Dubord, Herbert H. Fletcher,

Edward P. Putnam, Charles C. Miller, Lt. George N. Bourque, Elvin L. Allen, Lt. Charles A. Goodwin

Mr. Bills, Eva Beatty, Priscilla Stephens, Elsie Peterson, Idolize Roderick, Elizabeth Roderick,

Florence Willette, Marguerite Simpson, Bessie Levine

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