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Janesville, WI High School Alumni 1902

Alumni and what they were doing in 1906.

CLASS OF 1902.
Walter Anderson ---Clerk, Janesville.
Teresa Baker ---Assistant Teacher in City Schools, Janesville.
Dean Bemis ---Student, School of Mines, Socorro, New Mexico.
Lotta Bemis
Fanny Bennett ---Janesville.
Catherine Blunk ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Lucy Biglow ---Student, Evanston, Ill.
Mary Buckmaster ---Student, Milwaukee Normal.
Ross F. Bump ---Denver, Colo.
Blanche Casson (Mrs. Starr) --- Janesville.
Margaret Cochran (Mrs. Lee) ---Rockford, Ill.
Pearl Coon ---Janesville.
Harriet Cox ---Teacher, near Janesville.
Alice Crawford ---Student, Emerson School of Oratory, Boston, Mass.
Merrill Crissey ---Student, State University, Madison, Wis.
Wm. Day ---With Wisconsin Telephone Co., Janesville.
Mary F. Dooley ---Deceased.
Elsie Fathers ---Clerk in City Treasurer's Office, Janesville.
Wm. Fox ---Electric Motor Co., Madison, Wis.
Josephine Enright ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Luella Gaarder ---Student, State Normal School, Milwaukee, Wis.
Michael George ---Clerk with C. & N. W. Ry., Janesville.
Lulu Howard ---Teacher, near Janesville.
Mida Hubbell ----Teacher, near Edgerton.
Elizabeth Gravlyn --- Stenographer, Seattle, Wash.
Elizabeth G. Greene ---Teacher, near Edgerton.
Frank Holt ---University of Wisconsin.
Bertha Hogan ---Bookkeeper for Janesville Steam Laundry, Janesville.
Euretta Kimball ---University of Wisconsin.
Florence Kingman ---Teacher, near Janesville.
Ross Knox ---Carpenter, Janesville.
Rollin Lewis ---With Lewis Knitting Co., Janesville.
Edith Litts ---(Mrs. Brown) Fond du Lac, Wis.
Edith Loomis ---(Mrs. Chas. Guy) Denver, Colo.
Isabelle MacLean ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Louise Merrill ---Janesville.
May Merritt ---(Mrs. Clayton Tanberg) Janesville.
Isabella Menzies ---University of Wisconsin.
Bethana Miller ---Teacher in City Schools, Janesville.
Maud Nicholson ---Janesville.
Gladys Nicholson ---(Mrs. Frank Hagan) Houston, Texas.
Stephen Pitcher ---Beloit College, Beloit, Wis.
Matthew Roherty ---Farming Center, Wis.
Grace Ryan ---Bookkeeper Janesville.
Edwin Sanders ---Beloit College, Beloit, Wis.
Emma C. Sater ---Orfordville, Wis.
Gertrude Scott ---Student, Normal School, Washington.
Lester Strang ---Teacher, Orford, Wis.
Harry Stanton ---Student in Shorthand, Janesville.
Mary Stevens ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Margaret Sullivan
Ella Sutherland ---University of Wisconsin.
Gertrude Van Beynum ---Stenographer, Janesville.
Cora Willhemly ---Stenographer, Janesville.
Edna Wright ---Stenographer, Janesville.

Janesville, WI High School Yearbooks
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