Janesville, WI High School Alumni 1900

Alumni and what they were doing in 1906.

CLASS OF 1900.
Harry Atwood ---Bookkeeper, Reeves Manufacturing Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
Frank Baker ---Chicago Tribune, Chicago.
Margaret Barker ---Janesville.
Leroy Barlass ---With General Electrical Co., Chicago.
Anna Blunk ---Cashier Smith's Pharmacy, Janesville.
Cora Brown (Mrs. Ralph Adair) ---Deceased.
Mae Bunt (Mrs. Arthur Fateles) ---Janesville.
Nellie Cassidy ---With Amos Rehberg Co., Janesville.
Anna Collins ---Chicago.
Roy Curler ---In Laundry, Beloit, Wis.
Hugh Dillon ---Stenographer, Chicago.
Mamie Dolan ---Deceased.
Edna Drew ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Kittie Erdman (Mrs. Ed. Crowley) ---Chicago.
George Farmer ---With New Gas Co., Janesville.
Helen Fifield (Mrs. H. R. King) ---Janesville.
Catherine Fifield ---Assistant in Kindergarten, Janesville.
Gussie Granger (Mrs. John Haight) ---Cambridge.
Oscar Halverson ---Shipping Clerk, Bassett & Echlin, Janesville.
Edward Hanson ---Clerk for C., M. & St. P. R. R., Janesville.
Mildred Hatfield ---Student, Boston, Mass.
Nellie Hayes ---Janesville.
Joseph Hayes ---U. of Wisconsin.
Daisy Hilton ---Stenographer, Chicago.
Bert Hoague ---Teacher near Janesville.
Myra Hoskins ---Governess, Texas.
Florence Isaacs (Mrs. Byron Jones) ---Chicago.
Jabez Isaacs ---Bookbinder, Chicago, Ill.
Margaret Jackman--Teacher, Ashland H. S.
Frank Kimball ---Civil Engineer, Janesville.
Walter King ---Traveling Salesman, Reeves & Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
Ernest Ruerp ---Mail Clerk, Janesville.
Anna Knights (Mrs. E. H. Hoaglin) ---Wild Rose, Wis.
Harriette Lee (Mrs. Frank Pierson) ---Fulton, Wis.
Carrie McCartney ---Teacher near Janesville.
Victor Marquissee ---Madison, Wis.
Wm. McCue ---Collector- for First National Bank, Janesville, Wis.
Dell Miltimore ---Postoffice, Janesville.
Lillian Monat ---Janesville.
Eloise Nowlan ---Janesville.
Hildegarde Peterson (Mrs. Pole Foleson) ---Beloit.
Anna Peterson ---With Lewis Knitting Works, Janesville, Wis.
Edna Proctor ---Janesville.
Effie Rice ---Mrs. Newman.
Louis Rider ---California.
Ethel Sayre ---Teacher, Prairie du Sac, Wis.
Jeannette Sayre ---Student, Beloit College, Beloit.
Gertrude Smith ---Saleswoman, Janesville.
Glen Snyder ----Plumber, Janesville.
Jessie Spellman (Mrs. W. King) ---Minneapolis.
Belle Strawser ---Janesville.
Sarah Sutherland ---Janesville.
Grace Tennant ---Bryn Maur.
Rette Whiton ---Stenographer, Janesville.
Ray Yates ---Chicago, Ill.
Alice Youngclause ---City Schools, Janesville.

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