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Janesville, WI High School Alumni 1899

Alumni and what they were doing in 1906.

CLASS OF 1899.
Lillie Allen (Mrs. Wm. Sager) ---Janesville.
Arthur Anderson ---With General Electrical Co., Schenectady, N. Y.
Grace Arnold (Mrs. W. Alderman) ---Janesville.
May Atwood (Mrs. Don Holloway) ---Chicago.
Alvah Austin ---Student at Lawrence University.
Francis Beers ---Janesville.
Edward Behrindt ---Clerk in Union House, Janesville.
Grace Bladon ---Mer. & Mec. Bank, Janesville.
Ralph Bonesteel ---Salesman, Janesville.
Gertrude Callahan ---Stenographer, Chicago.
Henry Carpenter ---Clerk of Committee of Insular Affairs, House of Representatives, Washington.
Elmer Clark ---Mechanical Draughtsman, Waukegan, Ill.
Elizabeth Collins (Mrs. Sidney Sexton) ---Fon du Lac, Wis.
Joseph Conway ---Student at St. Francis Seminary, Milwaukee, Wis.
Thomas Costello ---Deceased.
Georgetta Cousins (Mrs. W. Hall) ---Janesville.
Vinnie Croll (Mrs. B. Carle).
Lillie Decker ---Janesville.
Myrtle Dewey (Mrs. Morris Erickson) ---Janesville.
William Dougherty ---Atty. at Law, Janesville.
Catherine Dudley (Mrs. C. B. Fellow) ---Peoria, Ill.
Nettie Eddington ---Saleswoman, Janesville.
Rose Mary Enright ---Teacher in City Schools, Janesville.
Catherine Fenton (Mrs. Roy Palmer) ---Janesville.
Minerva Fisher ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Ella Flaherty (Mrs. Jno. O'Leary) ---Hanover, Wis.
Rose Gagan ---Teacher in Public Schools, Janesville.
Bessie Gorham (Mrs. Mark Hansen) ---Chicago.
Eva Green (Mrs. Earl Godfrey) ---Lima, Wis.
Jessie Harper ---Teacher near Brodhead, Wis.
Ada Hill ---Ishpeming, Mich.
Mabel Hillabrandt (Mrs. Wm. Gleason) ---La Prairie, Wis.
j. Thomas Hogan ---Traveling Salesman, Janesville.
Don C. Holloway ---Chicago.
Fred J. Holt ---Teacher in High School, Almond, Wis.
Nellie Hubbard ---Milwaukee, Wis.
Edward T. Jerg ---Salesman, Janesville.
Elisabeth Johnson (Mrs. Geo. Zachow) ---Milwaukee, Wis.
Percy Kearney ---Medical Student, Minneapolis, Wis.
Carl Litts ---With Parker Pen Co., Janesville.
Rosa Locke (Mrs. Florin) ---Emerald Grove, Wis.
Imogene MacDonald (Mrs. Ralph Grove) ---Chicago.
Eva Mayhew (Mrs. Guy Stoller) ---Omaha, Neb.
Neil McVicar ---Plumber, Janesville.
Agnes More ---Teacher, Oconomowoc, Wis.
Augusta Muellenschlader ---Teacher in City Schools, Janesville.
Stewart Murwin ---With Heddles Lumber Co., Evansville, Wis.
Margaret Murphy ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Louise Nelthorpe (Mrs. Richard Thurman) ---Evansville, Wis.
Estella Norton ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Boyd Nott ---Deceased.
Catherine O'Donnell ---Janesville.
Roy Owen ---Instructor in University of Wisconsin.
Roy Palmer ---Plumber, Janesville.
Alice Pettrie (Mrs. Gordon Simmonds) ---Milwaukee, Wis.
Walter Pitcher ---In Charge of Bowling Alley, Kahoka, Missouri.
Bertha Proctor ---Teacher near Janesville.
Levi Ross Student, Milwaukee.
Emma Rowe (Mrs. Len Johnson) ---Denver, Colo.
Ella Rudolph ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Frances E. Ryan ---Assistant Steward, School for Blind, Janesville.
Angelo Shattuck Beloit, Wis.
Joanna A. Shearer ---Janesville.
Frank R. Shepard ---Madison, Wis.
Clarence B. Smith ---Fireman on C. & N. W. R. R., Janesville.
Llewellyn R. Spencer ---Grocer Clerk, Janesville.
Nellie L. Van Beynum (Mrs. Horn) ---Janesville.
Sarah A. Venable ---Teacher in City Schools, Janesville.
Lucretia Whiton ---Stenographer, Janesville.
Helen Genevieve Wilson (Mrs. Clarence Smith) ---Janesville.
Amy Woodruff ---Janesville.
Charles B. Woodstock ---Principal of State Graded School, Schofield,
Grace Wright ---Stenographer, Janesville Machine Co.
Lena R. Peterson (Mrs. Walter Little) ---Janesville.

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