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Janesville, WI High School Alumni 1897

Alumni and what they were doing in 1906.

CLASS OF 1897.
Lucy M. Aikin ---Teacher in City Schools, Janesville.
Harriet M. Bostwick --—Janesville.
Ralph A. Buell ---Supt. of Schools, Lanesboro, Minn.
Luella M. Croft ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Alice T. Carroll —--Chicago.
Luella A. Conroy (Mrs. Burr W. Tolles) ---Janesville.
Genevieve L. Conway ---Janesville.
Walter Clark ---Bookkeeper, Hillsboro, Ill.
Emma E. Cullen ---Teacher near Janesville.
E. Maud Day (Mrs. Brown Fleek) ---Janesville.
Katherine Enright ---Teacher in City Schools, Chicago.
Everett C. Fisher ---Prop. of Warehouse, Janesville.
Josephine A. Farnsworth ---Janesville.
Helen M. Gunderson (Mrs. Ackley) ---Beloit, Wis.
Tessie V. Gibbon ---Teacher of Music, Idaho.
Hugh M. Joyce ---In Boot & Shoe Business, Janesville.
Lulu F. Leffingwell --—Janesville.
Agnes Lynch ---Teacher, Superior, Wis.
Jessie M. Metcalf ---Bookkeeper, Chicago.
Katherine E. Mackin ---Saleswoman, Janesville.
Hugh C. Hemmingway —--Farmer, Janesville.
Mable C. Harper (Mrs. Reynolds) ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Nettie D. Mabie (Mrs. E. Wilcox) ---Janesville.
Fred H. Palmer ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
John H. Pickett ---Grocer, Janesville.
Chas. W. Raymond ---Farmer, Fulton, Wis.
Edith I. Raymond ---Fulton, Wis.
Anna E. Smiley (Mrs. M. Wells) ---Orfordville, Wis.
Henry Scott ---Employed by F. S. Baines, Janesville.
Grace Spoon ---Kindergarten, Janesville.
Jessie E. Scofield (Mrs. Edwin N. Nash) ---Oak Park, Ill.
Gertrude J. Skavlem —--Assistant Librarian, Janesville.
Joseph A. VanKirk ---With Marshall Field & Co., Chicago.
John R. Whiffin ---Dentist, Janesville.

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