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Janesville, WI High School Alumni 1896

Alumni and what they were doing in 1906.

CLASS OF 1896.
Jessie M. Brown ---Deceased.
Thomas J. Baker ---Chicago.
Irene L. Bennett (Mrs. Olsen) ---Milwaukee, Wis.
Ruby T. Blanchard (Mrs. Frank James) ---Beloit, Wis.
Jay H. Bliss ---Pharmacist in Sherer's Drug Store, Janesville.
Wm. M. Bonesteel ---With American Window Glass Co., Pittsburg, Pa.
Maude Bear (Mrs. H. Griffey) ---Janesville
Fred N. Blakeley ---Salesman in Tea and Coffee Store, Chicago, Ill.
Julia I. Allen ---Teacher near Janesville.
Benjamin F. Carey ---Employed in C., M. & St. P. Freight Depot, Janesville.
Nellie M. Dudley ---Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Wm. F. Denniston ---In Information Bureau Office, St. Louis, Mo.
Jennie M. Eddington (Mrs. Judge Earle, Jr.) ---Janesville.
Samuel Echlin ---In Wholesale Saddlery, Janesville.
Janet C. Ford ---Janesvile.
Ethel I. Fisher (Mrs. Braden) ---Minneapolis, Minn.
Alice W. Fenton (Mrs. Harry Robinson) ---Janesville.
Carl F. Golling ---With Wholesale Shoe Firm, Milwaukee.
Monica Gagan ---Teacher in City Schools, Janesville.
Minerva Gately (Mrs. A. Maxfield) ---Janesville.
Ethel M. Halsey ---Fond du Lac, Wis.
Clayton L. Holmes ---Raleigh, Wyoming.
W. J. Hamilton ---Principal of High School, New London, Wis.
Nellie M. Ide (Mrs. Ray Morse) ---Seattle, Wash.
Marcia Jackman ---Janesville.
Edward Kay ---In Ranon's Drug Store, Janesville.
Robert E. Knoff -- Editor of Democrat, Madison, Wis.
Jessie L. London ---Teacher in City Schools, Janesville.
Susie E. Lowell (Mrs. C. V. Hibbard) ---Tokio, Japan.
Edith K. Lynch ---Teacher near Janesville.
Walter D. Merritt, M. D. ---Janesville.
Maud A. McNeil (Mrs. W. Campbell) ---Milwaukee.
Alice MacGregor ---Stenographer, Janesville.
Frank L. McNamara ---Dist. Attorney, Sawyer Co., Wis.
Helen C. Nash ---Janesville.
Edward P. Norcross ---Student of Medicine, Chicago.
Grace L. Nott (Mrs. Miller) ---N. Fond du Lac, Wis.
Helen Pritchard (Mrs. McNaught) ---Janesville.
Bernard Palmer ---Attorney at Law, Janesville.
Edward H. Peterson ---Janesville.
Mabel I. Palmer (Mrs. Earl Coon) ---Waupun, Wis.
Chas. W. Reeder ---Attorney at Law, Janesville.
Harriet D. Rogers ---Teacher in City Schools, Janesville.
Lillian B. Ratheram (Mrs. Wm. Harvey) ---Chicago.
Fannie 0. Rumrill (Mrs. Percy Munger) ---Janesville.
Maude Roethinger ---Pharmacist, Baraboo, Wis.
Roy A. Sanborn ---Electrical Engineer, Chicago.
Katherine B. Smith (Mrs. Ed. Peterson) ---Janesville.
Julia Stoddard ---In Register of Deeds Office, Janesville.
Alice Shearer (Mrs. De Alton Thomas) --—Eau Claire, Wis.
Louis W. Skavlem --—Bookkeeper, Janesville.
Bertha E. Scofield (Mrs. Eugene Noyse) ---Minneapolis, Minn.
Harold G. Shurtleff ---With Shurtleff & Co., Janesville.
Edna M. Spoon (Mrs. O. W. Bucklin) ---Minneapolis, Minn.
Anna D. Valentine ---Janesville.
Grace I. Ward ( Mrs. Chas. Reeder) ---Janesville.
Sophie K. Weisend --—Deceased.
Edward L. Williamson ---Civil Engineer, Davenport, Iowa.

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