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Janesville, WI High School Alumni 1889

Alumni and what they were doing in 1906.

CLASS OF 1889.
Warren P. Behan Baptist ---Minister, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Emma Comstock ---Teacher, Los Angeles, Cal.
Frank Drew ---C. & N. W. R. R. Co., Janesville.
Maude Fuller (Mrs. Frank Newbury) ---Texas.
Kittie McCulloch ---Janesville.
Harry Ranows ---Pharmacist, Janesville.
Harriet Smith ---Clerk Post Office, Chicago.
Marie Sunkle (Mrs. C. H. Reeder) ---Janesville.
Glen Wray ---Electrician, Chicago.
Nellie Blakely (Mrs. F. W. Gibson) ---Janesville.
Lulu Carpenter (Mrs. Waddles) ---Janesville.
Louise Fales, M. D.---Philippine Islands.
Theodore Harlow (Mrs. Harry Garbutt) ---Janesville.
Leon Miner ---In Post Office, Los Angeles, Cal.
Letitia Shortney ---Trained Nurse, Portland, Oregon.
Ray Stevens ---Judge of Circuit Court, Madison, Wis.
Alice Thornton ---Teacher, Boston, Mass.

Janesville, WI High School Yearbooks
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