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Janesville, WI High School Alumni 1862-1866

Alumni and what they were doing in 1906.

CLASS OF 1862.
George Smith ---Deceased.
Theotiste L. Corson (Mrs. Recorder Chase) ---Chicago.
Jennie E. Hayner, M. D. ---934 Walnut St., Chicago.

CLASS OF 1863.
Jennie C. Corson ---Engaged in Sheep Raising in Montana.
Andrew Douglass ---Member of Legislature, Attorney at Law, Monroe, Wis.
Alice J. Hume (Mrs. J. Hicks) ---Oshkosh, Wis.
Ella A. Norton (Mrs. Chas. Cory).
Clarice Hanchett (Mrs. C. S. Jackman) ---Janesville.
Maria Herkimer (Mrs. W. Brayton) ---Washington, D. C.
William M. Lawrence ---Principal of a Public School in Chicago.

CLASS OF 1864.
S. C. Burnham ---Clerk of School Board, Janesville.
Florence Douglass (Mrs. L. F. Bigelow) ---Brooklyn, Wis.
DeWitt Davis ---Draughtsman and Designer, Chicago.
Ira C. Fredendall ---Army Captain, Boston, Mass.
Silas P. Gibbs ---Deceased.
Martha Parker ---Deceased.
Rufus Ressiguie ---Janesville.
Clara Story ---Deceased.
Josephine Whittier (Mrs. Bowles) ---Dell Rapids, S. D.

CLASS OF 1866.
Emma H. Darrow (Mrs. Chittenden) ---Swanton, Vermont.
Frederick Pullan ---Congregational Minister, Providence, R. I.
Chester Wilcox ---Publisher and Post Master, Quincy, Ill.

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