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Janesville, WI High School Alumni 1881-1882

Alumni and what they were doing in 1915.

CLASS OF 1881.
Hattie Allen (Mrs. Al. Kavalege) ---Janesville.
Belle E. Cassaday (Mrs. Geo. Wheelock) ----South Bend, Ind.
Mary Conway (Sister Monica) ---Sisters of Mercy Convent, Chicago.
Nora Emery ---Stenographer, Janesville.
Lizzie F. Hodge (Mrs. Cliff Eddy) ---Cleveland, Ohio.
John J. Monat ---Chicago.
Jessie R. Patten (Mrs. Wheeler) ---Boston, Mass.
Edgar Tennant ---With Rothschild & Co., Chicago.
Hattie Chapman (Mrs. E. Brown) ---Baraboo, Wis.
Jessie Dearborn (Mrs. R. Campbell) ---Janesville.
Theo. Guernsey ---Bank Cashier, Sioux City, Iowa.
Wm. H. Ashcraft ---Furniture Dealer, Janesville.
Belle C. Holmes (Mrs. W. H. Judd) ---Janesville.
Jessie Murdock (Mrs. Thos. S. Nolan) ---Janesville.
Geo. P. Smith ---In Railroad Office, Dubuque, Iowa.
Wm. G. Wheeler ---Attorney at Law, Janesville.

CLASS OF 1882.
Wm. J. Abbey ---Telegraph Operator, Chicago.
E. May Clark ---Teacher in Public Schools, Janesville.
Seth Cushman ---Secretary to Pres. of Santa Fe R. R., Los Angeles.
Margaret Donovan ---Teacher, Chicago.
Susie Draper (Mrs. Frank White) ---Oak Park, Ill.
Aurelia H. Elles (Mrs. McHugh) ---Baraboo, Wis.
Frank H. Farnsworth, M. D. ---Janesville.
E. Gay Glass (Mrs. A. W. Woodworth) ---Janesville.
Luella J. Kings (Mrs. Robert MacLean) ---Chihuahua, Mexico.
A. Louisa Tennant ---Teacher in Grade Schools, Chicago.
Cora C. Clemons ---Teacher in City Schools, Janesville.
Mary E. Davies ---Dressmaker, Janesville.
Mattie Wilcox (Mrs. J. H. Jones) ---Janesville.
Alice T. Wright (Mrs. F. Davis) ---Janesville.
Clarence J. Antisdel ---Missionary in Africa.
Fannie M. Elles ---Madison, Wis.
Fannie Draper (Mrs. Fred Sperry) ---Deceased.
Minnie Drummond (Mrs. Depuy) ---Chicago.
Cora Glass (Mrs. Ed. Howland) ---Janesville.
Rose B. Hathorn ---Librarian of Children's Library, Janesville.
Harry Oleson ---Mail Carrier, Chicago.
Twing B. Wiggin, M. D. ---Chicago.
Geo. A. Wheellock ---Crockery Business, South Bend, Ind.

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