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Janesville, WI High School Alumni 1883-1884

Alumni and what they were doing in 1915.

CLASS OF 1883.
Anna L. Cutts ---Janesville.
Belle Hatherell ---Deceased.
Carrie Huginin (Mrs. F. Wetmore) ---Emerald Grove, Wis.
Minnie A. Doty (Mrs. C. Wintermute) ---Deceased.
Nellie Jones (Mrs. F. E. Green) ---Janesville.
Minnie F. Joyce ---Teacher in City Schools, Janesville.
Gertrude Morris (Mrs. Will Parker) ---Lisbon, N. D.
Belle A. Rolston (Mrs. I. G. Rexford) ---Janesville.
Eva Steel ---Teacher in City Schools, Boston, Mass.
Celia Neil (Mrs. John White) ---California.
Eva Richardson (Mrs. Geo. More) ---Janesville.

CLASS OF 1884.
Minnie Bump ---Janesville.
Clara L. Church (Mrs. Will Sherer) ---Janesville.
Julia Echlin Janesville.
Sophy Grove (Mrs. Will Brockway) ---Boulder, Colo.
Daisy Heller (Mrs. Frank Welch) ---Janesville.
Grace Kirk (Mrs. Frank Tupper) ---New Castle, Cal.
Anna Richardson (Mrs. Carey) ---Janesville.
Emma Zayder (Mrs. Henry Sykes) ---Mason City, Iowa.
Anna S. Doty (Mrs. Chas. Fifield) ---Janesville.
Ella Gadden (Mrs. G. S. Parker) ---Alexandria, Ind.
Nellie Harris (Mrs.. Ruth Simmons) ---Deceased.
Cora Hunting (Mrs. Hunting) ---Manchester. N. H.
Marion Morris (Mrs. Percy McGee) ---Janesville.
Nellie Smith (Mrs. Frank Case) ---Philippine Islands.

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