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Hartland, WI High School Classes of 1913-1915

Alumni and where they were in 1926.

Grace Hanson --Mrs. E. F. Fedler --Chicago
Hamilton Penn --Gensberg-Penn Co. --New York City
Harriet Penn --Mrs. Charles Hanson --Chicago
Laura Cull --At home --Hartland
Alice Christensen --Mrs. W. J. Koll --Horicon

John Overbaugh --Salesman --Hartland
Kate Wein --Mrs. Quincy Sizer --Milwaukee
Nora Peterson --Mrs. Edwin M. Fuller --Wheaton
Rufus Erickson --Dentist --Pewaukee
Ruth Donovan --Teaching --Duplainville

Alice Rossman --Nursing --Milwaukee
Agnes Hanson --Mrs. Edward C. Hartwell Hartland
Emily Hartwell --Mrs. Carl Hansen --Hartland
Joe Jungbluth --Farming --Merton
Marjorie Spillman --Mrs. George Ludwig --Monterey
Martin Weber --Farming --Merton
Ruth Cull --Mrs. Ralph Lingabach --Sussex
Warren Badger --Cabinet Maker --Milwaukee

Alumni Roster from the 1926 Beaver Yearbook of Hartland High School

Hartland, Wisconsin High School Yearbooks
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