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Hartland, WI High School Classes of 1920-1923

Alumni and where they were in 1926.

Helen Pynn --Mrs. Wilfred Farr --Hartland

Maude Gilbert --Secretary --Milwaukee
Sylvia Neinow --Music Teacher --Milwaukee
Agnes Davis --Mrs. Henry N. Cull --Beaver Dam

Anna Klug --Teacher --Menomonee Falls
Chester Pynn --Reporter of Construction --Green Bay
Emily Dlidey Home --Hartland
Florence Mathiesen --Clerking --Hartland
Hyacinth Weinkauf --Student --Milwaukee
Irene Christopherson --Mrs. M. Powers --Madison
Martin Fromm --Merchant --Hartland
Ruth Wilde --Mrs. Milo Peterson --Hartland
Pearl Jorgenson --Stenographer --Milwaukee
Viola Messersmith --Stenographer --Milwaukee
Omar Loew --Working --Chicago
Jessie Brown --Student --Madison

Blanche Anstey --Student --Milwaukee
Charles Donovan --Clerking --Hartland
Edna Wille --Stenographer --Hartland
Edwin Wittenberg --Student --Milwaukee
Edwin Larson --At home --Hartland
Esther Schuster --Stenographer --Milwaukee
Hazel Schuster --Stenographer --Milwaukee
Helen Gerbensky --Clerking --Hartland
Harold Van Buren --Working --Milwaukee
Margaret Koll --Stenographer --Milwaukee
LaVerne Hansen --Monk --Holy Hill
Margaret Loew --Teaching --North Lake
Ralph Davis --Student ---Milwaukee

Alumni Roster from the 1926 Beaver Yearbook of Hartland High School

Hartland, Wisconsin High School Yearbooks
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