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Hartland, WI High School Classes of 1924-1925

Alumni and where they were in 1926.

Alice Jorgenson --Stenographer --Milwaukee
Chauncy Bau --Marquette "U" --Milwaukee
Cornelius Trapp --Student --Watertown
Edith Butler --Postal Clerk --Nashotah
Elon Morris --Working Milwaukee
Frederick Staus --Ass't. Bank Cashier --Merton
Geraldine Spowart --At home --New Butler
Lucille Weinkauf --At home --Hartland
Marguerite Andrews --Clerking --Milwaukee
Ruth Shepherd --Normal --Milwaukee
Robert Purtell --Marquette "U" --Milwaukee
Gerald Purtell --Clerking --Oconomowoc
Victor Ludwigson --Clerking --Oconomowoc
Ethel Spillman --At home --Hartland

Adelaide Ahrendt --Business College --Milwaukee
Carl Hoppe --At home --Hartland
Charlotte Andrews --Mrs. E. Grulke --Mapleton
Eleanor Strattman --Student --Milwaukee
Edna Jacobson --At home --Hartland
Donald MacKenzie --Working --North Lake
Dolly Rassmussen --At home --Hartland
Frank Hahn --Spencerian College --Milwaukee
Hattie Olsen --Columbia Hospital --Milwaukee
Helen Hansen --Normal --Milwaukee
Irma Loew --Normal --Milwaukee
LaVerne Schroeder --Working --Delafield
Lydia Zemple --Clerking --Hartland
Marjorie Young --Commercial Academy --Milwaukee
Ronald Pynn --Normal --Whitewater
Sarah Ridley --Clerk --Waukesha
Margaret, Koll --Student --Milwaukee
Verna Meek --At home --Hartland

Alumni Roster from the 1926 Beaver Yearbook of Hartland High School

Hartland, Wisconsin High School Yearbooks
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