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Janesville, WI High School Class of Jun 1923

Janesville High School Alumni and what they were doing in 1924.


Anderson, Clarence, 521 Chestnut Street.
Arnold, Josephine, 121 North Chatham.
Bennison, Lawrence, 827 Milton Avenue; University of Wisconsin.
Bernard, Stella, R. R. Milton Junction; Parker Pen Company.
Blacke, Donald, Chicago, Illinois; Milton College.
Bolender, John, Monroe, Wis.; University of Wisconsin.
Buggs, Richard, 822 Western Avenue; Student.
Buss, Hazel, 427 South Franklin; Student.

Campbell, Charles, 402 Center Avenue; Student.
Campion, Robert, Milton Jct., R. R. 13.
Capelle, Elizabeth, 927 Prospect Avenue; Merchants & Savings Bank.
Clark, John; 436 Hickory Street, Student.
Clark, Maurice, 502 Park Avenue.
Coen, Roberta, 300 Racine Street; Parker Pen Company.
Conry, Clifford; 439 South Bluff Street ; University of Wisconsin.
Crabtree, Maude, 1243 Racine Street ; Farnham's Bookkeeper.
Cunningham, Thomas, Garfield Avenue.

Dickenson, Leroy, 408 South River; Carroll College.
Dodge, Leon, R. R. Janesville.
Doran, Agnes, 200 Randall Avenue; Parker Pen Company.
Duoss, Clara, 209 South Academy St.
Eckstein, Joseph, 22 South Academy; Hear Usher Apollo Theatre.
Esser, Adele, 232 Pease Court; University of Wisconsin.

Finkh, Evelyn, 721 Milwaukee Avenue; University of Wisconsin.
Flynn, Marvin, 525 North River Street.
Fuchs, Adelheid, 219 Pease Court ; University of Wisconsin.

Galbraith, Ronald, 452 South Garfield.
Gardner, Irene, 1026 Sutherland Avenue.
Geeser, Opal, 418 South Locust; Parker Pen Company.
Gitchell, Ellsworth, 317 Madison Street; University of Wisconsin.
Gleason, Lawrence, Janesville R. R. 2; University of Wisconsin.
Gower, Kenneth, Beloit.
Graham, Mildred, R. R. 3 Janesville; Parker Pen Company.
Grant, Catherine, Bluff Street; Chevrolet.

Hamilton, John, R. R. 6 Janesville.
Hansen, Dorothy, California.
Hanson, Merle, 234 North Terrace St., Merchants & Savings Bank.
Hemmens, Marion, 607 Dodge Street; O'Connell Motor Co.
Hill, Harold, 120 South Franklin; Parker Pen Company.
Hjorth, Edna, 214 South Third Street; Russell Garage.
Hodge, Allen, 423 Center Avenue.
Hodge, Evelyn, 423 Center Avenue; Parker Pen Company.
Holmes, John, 430 South East Street; Northwestern University.
Howe, Virginia, 218 South Bluff Street; Whitewater Normal.
Hitchcock, Ferris, 914 Prospect Avenue.
Hughes, Genevieve, R. R. Janesville; University of Wisconsin.
Hummell, Stuart, 314 Center Avenue; University of Wisconsin.


Janesville, WI High School Yearbooks
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