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Janesville, WI High School Class of Jan 1923

Janesville High School Alumni and what they were doing in 1924.


Adams, Carol, 215 Oakland Ave.; Steno., Chamber of Commerce.
Anderson, Lillian, 1220 N. 'Washington; Clerk, Huebel Company,
Arbuthnot, Harold, 1027 Wheeler Street; University of Wisconsin.
Armfield, Ann, 103 South Jackson Street; Typist, Parker Pen Company.
Austin, John, 119 West Milwaukee Street.

Baker, Willard, 12C0 West Bluff; Student, University of Wisconsin.
Barriage, Kenneth, 539 North Hickory St., Uphlr.
Barriage, John, 311 Fourth Avenue.
Bear, Lois M., 612 Prairie Avenue; Chevrolet.
Bennison, Albert, 827 Milton Avenue; Bennison & Lane Co.
Bingham, Helen, 135 Wisconsin St., Rockford College.
Bolton, Dorothy, 14 North Washington St; Stenographer.
Boos, Francis, 452 N. Chatham Street; University of Wisconsin.
Broege, Carmen, Janesville, R. R. 1.
Brown, Mabel, 429 Fourth Avenue; Student.
Bull, Walter R., 832 Prospect Avenue
Burpee, George F., 314 St. Lawrence Ave.; Lawrence College.
Buss, Frances M., 211 Forest Park Blvd.; Milton College.

Chase, Katherine N., 713 Yuba St., Parker Pen Co.
Chatfield, Madge I., 603 Fifth Avenue; Russel Garage.
Clark, Alice L.
Claxton, Bertha, 419 Williams St.; Student.
Conroy, Harold, 108 Fourth Avenue; Usher, Majestic Theatre.
Cockfield, Douglas, 419 Terrace Street; Milton College.
Connell, Esther M., 512 Holmes Street; Stenographer.
Cullen, Frances, 312 Bluff Street; Stenographer.
Curry, Bessie O., 339 North High School.

Doss, Clyde W., 1422 Clark Street.
Dougherty, Catherine, 3 Michaelis, Apartments; Rosary College.
Duthie, Margaret, 1105 Ruger Avenue.
Earle, Allen E., 108 Jefferson Avenue; J. Steam Laundry.
Fraser, Evelyn, 209 South Fremont Street.
Freese, Helen, 1703 Pleasant Street.
Gauger, Gladys M., 420 North Pine St.
Griffey, Leon J., 528 River Street; University of Wisconsin.
Grubb, Robert; University of Wisconsin.
Gigh, Grace; Mrs.
Gill, Imogene F., 1126 Carrington Street; Chevrolet.
Gibson, Bernice, 630 South Garfield Ave.; Milton, Wisconsin.

Heise, J. Herbert, 1133 N. Vista Avenue; University of Wisconsin.
Heller, Gladys, 515 Caroline Street.
Hill, Lydia, 360 Western Avenue.
Hogan Viola, R. R. 4 Janesville; Clerk, Gazette Printing Co.
Hooper, Elizabeth D., State School for Blind; University of Wisconsin.
Howard, Everett, Janesville R. R. 3.
Hughes, Marie A., Janesville, R. R. 2; University of Wisconsin.

Jensen, Earl, 1112 Wheeler Street; St. Olaf College; Westfield.
Jones, Edith B., Carolina.
Kasmarck, Floyd, 1224 McKey Blvd.
Keating, Katherine M., 639 South Main St.; Rosary College.
Keinow, Marion, 721 Garfield Avenue; Bookkeeper, Gerg & Schmitt.
Kober, Mary Helen, 520 South Main Street; University of Wisconsin.
Kueck, Gorgene M., 841 Sutherland Avenue.
Levenick, Floyd.


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