Janesville, WI High School Class of Jun 1922

Janesville High School Alumni and what they were doing in 1924.


Austin, John, 119 West Milwaukee Street.
Arnold, Alice, R. R. 1 Janesville.
Bystead, Olea, 1496 Purvis Avenue; Parker Pen Co.
Buggs, Lillian, 24 South River Street; Typist.
Brinkman, Marie, Afton.
Bell, Audrey, Madison.
Badger, Alma, 15 North East Street.
Bell, Frances; Teacher.
Boyer, Ernest, R. R. 4, Janesville.
Baily, Edgar, 427 South Third Street; University of Wisconsin.
Bennett, Claude, 309 Third Street; Chevrolet.
Barry, James, 643 Chestnut Street; Rock County Bank.
Bolles, Robert, 972 Walker Street ; Advts. Mgr. Gazette.

Casey, Justin; R. R. 20 Evansville; Clerk, F. L. Clemons.
Casey, Homer, R. R. 20 Evansville.
Close, William, 1041 North Bluff.
Canary, Gladys.
Cunningham, Eunice, 843 Milwaukee Ave.; Notre Dame.
Colman, Ethel.
Clark, Clement, 502 Park Avenue; Clerk, C. M. & St. P. R. R.
Crapser, Elvis, Madison.
Clark, Antonette, 372 Center Avenue.
Crowley, Frances, 1008 North Street.

Dougherty, Edward, 162 Cherry Street;
Great Lakes Naval Training.
Donagan, Edward, 448 North Walnut St.; University of Wisconsin.
Egan, Robert, 202 South Franklin Street; Clerk, First National Bank.
Eckstein, John, 22 South Academy.

Finkh, Genevieve, 721 Milwaukee Avenue; Stout Institute.
Fisher, Cleland, 435 North Terrace Street; Beloit College.
Frieden, Frances, 421 Eastern Avenue; Clerk, Hueble Company.
Finley, Irene, 24 South Academy Street; Clerk, Diels-Drummond Co.
Ford, Margaret, 1113 Racine Street.
Fellows, Helen, 808 Holmes Street; Milton College.
Felts, Walter, 1142 E. 63 Place; Chicago School of Commercial Art.
Frances, Ruth, 312 South Wisconsin Street.

Grenidge, Charles, 550 South Main Street; University of Wisconsin.
Gangwer, Herman, 414 North High Street.
Gitchell, Bernice, 317 Madison Street; Clerk, Skelly & Co.
Gestland, Alfred, R. R. 4 Janesville; University of Wisconsin.
Hilton, Fola, 83 Ringold Street.
Hagar, Ralph.
Hoffman, Erma, 215 Center Avenue.
Heitledge, Alma, 259 South Franklin Street.
Hoist, Gladys, 528 Cornelia Street; Stenographer.


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