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Janesville, WI High School Class of Jan 1922

Janesville High School Alumni and what they were doing in 1924.


Bahr, Margaret, 603 South Jackson Street; Teacher near Madison.
Bailey, Ruth, 855 Sherman Avenue; Student.
Bick, Kenneth, Hotel Planters; University of Wisconsin.
Bierkness, Fred, 212 North Terrace Street; Trimmer, Chevrolet.
Buchanan, Catherine, 355 North Street; Typist, Parker Pen.
Colby, Jean, 874 Blaine.
Cook, Rosamund, 534 Cornelia Street.

Dahly, Sigrid, R. F. D. 6; Typist.
Everman, Dorothy, 519 South Main Street; Clerk, Parker Pen.
Gridley, Rollin, 627 North Pearl St.; University of Wisconsin.
Hart, Jane, 621 Prospect Avenue; Carroll College.

Kramer, Dolores, 619 Fifth Avenue; Operator.
Kelty, Harry, 425 South Jackson Street.
Lane, Walton, 316 South Bluff Street; Bennison and Lane Co.
Lloyd, Iven, 313 Pease Court; University of Wisconsin.

Madden, Lillian, 424 Chatham Street; Typist, Parker Pen.
Malmberg, Carl ; 446 Garfield Avenue; Lawrence College.
Meek, Ruth, Indiana.
Miller, Helen, 1411 Clark Street; Teacher.
Mills, William, 342 North Chatham; University of Wisconsin.
Moseley, Fenno, 1017 Wheeler Street; Typist, Parker Pen.

Ransom, Mable; Mrs. William Scobie.
Sarle, Robert, 108 Jefferson Avenue; University of Wis.
Schoof, Edwin; 513 Oakland Avenue; Beloit College.
Scobie, James, 803 Hyatt Street; Bookkeeper, Merchants Bank.
Sidmore, Harry, 318 South Jackson Street; Student.
Smith, Mildred, 425 Western Avenue; Typist, Parker Pen.

Roster from the 1924 Yearbook of Janesville High School.

Janesville, WI High School Yearbooks
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