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Ashland, WI High School Class of 1912

Modern classical course:

Garda Anderson
Irene Edwards
Richard Dennis
Elvira Fryklund
Ruth Fryklund
Blanche Jenney
Samuel Payne
Edith Pool
Vera Stevens
Eugene Sullivan
Elmer Swanson
Ruth Tomlinson

Historical course:

Evelyn Good
Madeline Matthews
Oliver Seaton

English course:

Ruel Baldwin
Arthur Berg
Dea Biglow
Estelle Carlin
Clarence McDonnell
John Mathews
Ara Miller
Erna Patzisperger
Willis Welker
Ned Withers jr.

Science course:

Bernardine Fennely
Ruby Martin
Regina Miller
Linus Roehm
Ethel Sullivan
Lucile Taberner

Class roster extracted from "Ashland Pupils Given Diplomas," in the Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 8 Jun 1912