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Parma, ID High School 1939 Panther Club Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on February 5, 2010 - 11:39pm


Enlarge the photograph:


In the club (and probably in the photograph): Albert Hopkins, Lee Rose, Warren Tolmie, Don Connor, Deane Hopper, Ernest Weick, Roy Rucker, Virgil Olp, Yoshiye Otani, Serena Norland, Irma Maxim, Gladys Weick, Gladys Doman, Gordon Correll, Frances Cummings, Ross Summy, Wayne Hopper, Marvin Stout, Rex McNees, Ida Norland, Eleanor Hayworth, Mary Castater, John Young, Robert Pritchard, Lynn Hermo, Kenneth Carlock, Rowland Haegel, Jessica Merriam, Emanual Rubins, Max Hammock, Curtis Young, Ray Rucker, Bonnie Greenbank, Elsie Grant, Viola Schlupe, Sam Smyser, Raymond Laflin, Jack Suiter, John Uraguen, Naomi Grant.

Mr. Mark M. Maxwell - advisor