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Angola, IN High School Class of 1919

Henry E. Baker
Laura B. Bates
Chelsea E. Brown
Lucile F. Carpenter
Claude C. Clark
Hilda Cline
Gaylord C. Crain
Harold J. Cox
Russell C. Cravens
Mark E. Croxton
Marian L. Ewers
N. Carlton Fink
Lavornia M. Gregg
Byron R. Griffith
Esther E. Hardy
Esther J. Mac Clellan
Elizabeth E. McBride
Lyle Wm. McBride
Emmett G. McClue
Mildred B. Miller
George N. Meyer
Birdie E. Morrison
Hazel Newnam
Oscar Parsons
Emmett Parrott
Wesley J. Ralston
Gail Shoup
Wilma V. Slade
Edna P. Stetler
Mildred L. Stiefel
Bertan R. Swanger
Wilma Ulch
Martha C. Welch
L. D. Williams
Kenneth Zimmer

Honor students:

Martha C. Welch
Lavornia M. Gregg
Marian L. Ewers
Wilma V. Slade
Chelsea E. Brown

Class roster extracted from "Angola Commencement Will be Held Thursday May 29," in the Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 24 May 1919