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Decatur, IN High School Class of 1919

Robert A. Atz
Richard Thomas Archbold
Earl Archbold
Kermit Bowen
Naomi Esther Bowers
Helen Balsma
Howard F. Beery
Sarah Leonore Dull
Helen Floriena Diller
Helen Elaine Everett
Angelina S. Firks
Ruth Frisinger
Harry Fisher
Mabel Luella Hoagland
Maurice Crowl Haney
Carl Hudson
Ruth R. Hubbard
Lawrence T. Johnson
Lottie Leona Lett
Byford H. Macy
Josephine L. Myers
Murray R. Sutton
Lowell J. Smith
Virgine Frances Smith
George W. Schug
Grace Jenette Shroll
Florence Myrtle Smitley
Bryce Thomas
Ralph Maurice Tyndall
Helen Walters

Class roster extracted from "Annual Commencement is Held at Decatur," in the Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 24 May 1919