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Lagrange, IN High School Class of 1921

Dorothy F. Hern
Pauline Weaver
Glada A. Latta
Ruby B. Woodworth
Nannie Mae Howard
Doris Irene Burke
Dorothy Smith
Mildred R. Rowe
Elva Rose Clark
Mildred Lucile Ritter
Flossie Gage
Florence Gage
Goldie Garlets
Margaret Fleming
Marry Emma Bunger
Chester Ellsworth Johnson
Theron James McKibben
Cecil Walter Norris
Paul Schermorhorn
Jim Martin
Alvin Norris
Charles Adolphus Giggy
James M. Cressler

Class roster extracted from "LaGrange Commencement and List of Graduates," in the Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 2 May 1921