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Lagrange, IN High School Class of 1922

Thelma Ellen Alleshouse
Rachael Elizabeth Bartholomew
Victoria Eldridge
Gladys Mary Gaines
Florence Pauline Minnick
Mabel Esther Norris
Grace Case Price
Lois Imogene Price
Gene Elizabeth Plasterer
Mildred Frances Todd
Rose Majorie Waddell
Lillian Lucille Weir

August Flint
F. Dalo Free
Claude C. Grossman
Arthur Kauffman
Arthur C. McCoy
Maynard Marker
Maynard Shuman
Herman H. Smith
John Burton Streeter
Walter W. Walb
Robert C. Huss
Ledger Yoder

Class roster extracted from "Twenty-Four Graduate from Lagrange High," in the Fort Wayne Sentinel, Fort Wayne, IN 19 May 1922