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Coshocton, OH High School Class of 1904 Photo

Submitted by old yearbooks on October 25, 2009 - 7:48pm


Coshocton High School, Coshocton, Ohio Class of 1904


Agnew, Helen Beverly
Browning, Bessie
Carr, Edmund Cone
Coe, Erma Lillian - class secretary
Dillin, Cleveland Virgil - vice president
Gosser, Nellie - class treasurer
Graham, Lucy J.
Hanlon, Agnes
Judd, William Arthur
Martin, Kathryn Beatrice
Norris, Nellie Grant
Parrish, Wayland Max
Roberts, Edward Brown
Severns, Nellie
Smith, Adelia Dudley
Speckman, Forest Delva
Stafford, Elsie Lulu
Stewart, Jennie Isabell
Swalley, Bessie A.
Swihart, James Wilbur
Thompson, Nelle
Trovinger, Nellie
Waddell, Jessie
Wells, Charles Conner - class president
Williams, Mamie Pearl
Wright, Bessie Alice

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