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Berea, OH High School and Eighth Grade Classes of 1909


High School and Eighth Grade Students Receive Diplomas at Commencement.


BEREA, O., May 28.—The twenty-third annual commencement of the Berea high school was held tonight in the Methodist church.

These students graduated:

Ruth Dell Crawford
Leland S. Asling
Helen Chase
Mamie Maher
Orville N. Stone
Eva Wilson
Fred A. Rohde
Ethel M. Denner
Frank B. Morist
Jessie Gray
Fred C. Loomis
Irene Reublin
Merrill Van Haun
Addie Reublin
Dorothy Dell Brown
Clarence L. Wilkerson
Vera K. Mollison

This morning the annual commencement of the eighth grade of the Berea public schools was held at the Congregational church. The graduates were:

Merwin Beckwith
Etta Rudd
Edward Wienbroer
Selma Gohlke
Velma Sabin
Clara Daugherty
John Douglass
Ether Darby
Howard Porter
Joseph Kushaviez
Lucile Allen
Corwin Olds
Rose Kasper
Elva Fiedler
Margaret Brightman
Lucia Husmann
Lottie Dusky
John Schneider

[These students would graduate high school in 1913.]

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 29 May 1909