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Mount Pleasant, PA Township High School Class of 1924

Alumni and where they were in 1929.

Addleman, Nelson—Teacher at Ridgeview.
Ankney, Edward—University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Beacon, Leona—Teacher at Carpentertown.
Bohonovic, John—Home at Hecla.
Behrens, Paul—Working in A. & P. Store, Greensburg, Pa.
Bash, Verna—Mrs. Maurice Kettering, Greensburg, Pa.
Bitner, Irene—Teacher at Mammoth
Forejt, Albert—Working on Mt. Pleasant Township roads.
Haberlen, Robert—Teacher at Ridgeview.
Howard, Ortha—Teacher at Hecla.
Hoyman, Jean—Teacher at Barley.
Hoyman, Helen—Teacher at Weltytown.
Hubert, Anna—Teacher at Calumet.
Jeffrey, Jean—Teacher at Pleasant Unity.
Kreinbrook, Haxel—Working in Detroit, Michigan.
Lint, Leonard—Working at Rainey Works, Pa.
Lorenzo, Mildred—Working in Cohen's Store, Greensburg, Pa.
Lazor, Joseph—Working in Erie, Pa.
Myers, Letita—Teacher at Mt. Joy.
McClintock, James—Theil College.
Myers, Joseph—Teacher at Carpentertown.
Middleton, Violet—Teacher at Byers.
Neiderhiser, Martha—Home at Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Olsen, Bertha—Mrs. Roy Black, Greensburg, Pa.
Ondrako, Albert—Working at Mammoth.
Peterson, Gillette—Teacher at Apollo.
Porterfield, Freda—Mrs. Jazuette, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Pollack, Steve—Working at Rainey Works.
Reitz, Margaret—Teacher at Hecla.
Rundle, Harry—Working in Cleveland, Ohio.
Shaffer, Mabel—Home at Acme, Pa.
Stairs, Edward—Working on farm, Windfall, Ind.
Smith, Herbert—Working at Calumet, Pa.
Yanarella, Elizabeth—Working in New Jersey.

Alumni Roster from the 1929 Colophon Yearbook of Mount Pleasant Township High School

Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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