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Mount Pleasant, PA Township High School Class of 1923

Alumni and where they were in 1929.

Albert, Hilton—Highway Patrolman, New Brighton, Pa.
Barnhart, Yynn—At home, Pleasant Unity, Pa.
Cross, Frances—Mrs. Stanton Beckner, Greensburg, Pa.
Everett, Melva—Mrs. E. D. Dean, Mt. Pleasant. Pa.
Fry, Carl—Carnegie Tech, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Fisher, Edward—Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa.
Fullerton, Wilbert—Working at Westinghouse, Turtle Creek, Pa.
Griffin, Elizabeth—Nurse at Pittsburgh, Pa.
Gorton, William—Home, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Heiman, George—Home at Welty Town, Pa.
Honse, John—Teacher at Ridgeview, Pa.
Johnston, Leona—Mrs. Joseph Piper.
Lemmon, George—West Penn Street Car Conductor.
Myers, Eva—Mrs. Charles Maize, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Neiderhiser, Irene—Teacher at Spring Garden, Pa.
Naylor, Irene—Secretary, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Peterson, William—Supervisor of Writing, Greensburg, Pa.
Schik, Mary—Bookkeeper, Mammoth Garage, Mammoth, Pa.
Somers, Oliver—Teaching at Ohio.
Stofko, Emma—Mrs. Michael Chescho, Cleveland, Ohio.

Alumni Roster from the 1929 Colophon Yearbook of Mount Pleasant Township High School

Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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