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Mount Pleasant, PA Township High School Class of 1919

Alumni and where they were in 1929.


Elma Neiderhiser—Teacher at Spring Garden School.
Sarah Neiderhiser—Teacher at Trafford, Pa.
Rose Glorosky—At home, United.
Verda Hamm—Mrs. Ernest Brown, Acme, Pa.
Jessie Scott—Deceased.
Martha Fisher—At home at United.
Garnet Johnston—Teacher at Mammoth.
Thomas Huntley—Brier Hill, Pa.
Susan Bohnovic—Stenographer, Cleveland, Ohio.
Charles Grabiak—Dentist, Johnstown, Pa.
Julia Brosnatch—Home at Carpentertown.
Frances Barnhart.

Alumni Roster from the 1929 Colophon Yearbook of Mount Pleasant Township High School

Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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