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Mount Pleasant, PA Township High School Class of 1920

Alumni and where they were in 1929.


Michael Evans—Working at Brinkerton.
Mabel Bitz—Teaching at Brinkerton.
George Motsey—Dentist, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dorothy Barnhart—Teaching at Hurst High.
Goldie Kuhns—Mrs. Edward Eicher, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Olive Griffith
Mary Lorenzo—Mrs. Downing, Uniontown, Pa.
Louise Barnhart
Eston King—Shoe store, Connelsville, Pa.
Eurith Myers—Teacher at Greensburg, Pa.
Andrew Muchoney—At home, Trauger.
Jessie Hunter—Mrs. Sainer, Uniontown.
Anna Heide—Mrs. Edward Kunkle, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Walter Wagner—At home in Hecla.
Jerusha Myers—Teacher at Altoona High School.

Alumni Roster from the 1929 Colophon Yearbook of Mount Pleasant Township High School

Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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